A collaborative
icon font manager.

From SVG to font. Give your teams or clients access to your icon font library, easily.

From vector icons to fonts

Import your icons

Create a library and add your vector icons. See our collection of icons.

Generate & customize font

Customize the icon name, class name, and give your font pack a name.

Export or share with team

Export your font or use our hosted solution. Share your font with your team or clients.

Group your icons the way you want

Create as many sections as you need to group icons by category, type or any way you see fit. Spend less time searching for that icon that you need.

Invite your team or clients

Keep your team or clients on the same page, no account sharing needed. Any icon updates or changes are reflected in real-time to all your invited users.

Font updates & changes

When new icons are added, updated, or removed by any one in your team – your icon library will highlight these changes. Stay productive without question or confusion.

Icons for designers & developers

Let your designers maintain the icons together, while your developers can refer to the generated class names, HTML entities and character code.

Export or hosted

Export your icons into common web fonts and CSS files; or save the hassle, use our hosted solution. With both staging and production permalinks provided.

And all the other cool features...

  • Add unlimited number of icons
  • Create multiple icon libraries
  • Quickly search for icons by name
  • Lock icons to prevent accidental editing
  • Edit icon settings on the fly
  • Add tags to icons for easier search
  • Track projects that are associated with a library
  • Assign roles & permission to Members
  • Simple web app, no installation
  • See download history of fonts
  • Share icon fonts with just a simple link
  • More features to come...

Plans & pricing


For small projects
  • 2 Users & 1 Library
  • 80 icons per Library


For freelancers
-$2 OFF
  • 3 Users & 3 Libraries
  • 500 icons per Library
  • Icon Grouping
Most popular


For businesses
-$3 OFF
  • Up to 8 Users
  • Up to 10 Libraries
  • 1,200 icons per Library
  • Icon Grouping
  • Hosted solution available


For agencies
-$5 OFF
  • Up to 25 Users
  • Unlimited Libraries
  • Unlimited Icons
  • Icon Grouping
  • Hosted solution available
  • Public link sharing
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